One year of Jhallcomics, and a new look

by JHall on October 10th, 2012

Welcome everyone to the NEW AND IMPROVED! Browse the site, take in the new look, but first sit on ol’ Uncle Jhall’s lap. Let me tell you the tale of how all this came to be.

A little over a year ago I had an idea: make the world of Jhall available to all the free citizens of Earth. Luckily for me I had a friend, Parish, who knew how to make that happen. Through sheer force of will, a little bit of elbow grease, a few gallons of Cherry Coke, and all the skills nerd college had given him, was taking shape. There was a problem, however. A snag. One hurdle that our stubby little legs were unable to propel our bloated carcasses over.

We can’t design for shit.

So we took a shot of Southern Comfort, mocked up a few Photoshop images, compromised a bit, and put out The Green Menace It wasn’t pretty. Parish had mistakenly used Comic Sans font, which we were berated for and quickly fixed. For a year that site remained virtually unchanged. We had our share of harsh reviews

And then, a savior.

I received an email one day from a gentleman named Thomas ( who came bearing his services as a bonified web designer. I saw his work and was blown away. He graciously offered to design a layout it could be proud of, for his own portfolio and I imagine to prove his ex-lovers wrong. I couldn’t agree to let him do months of hard work for free fast enough. He whipped up a mockup to show me and I told him to stop digging, for he had hit gold. That mockup was the basis for what you see now, and without Thomas this text would still be sitting on eye-burning florescent green.

With Thomas’ design in hand, Parish got to work turning that masterpiece into an empty box for Jhallcomics to nestle his furry butt into like so many Maru’s. Logos were made. Icons were changed. Naps were had. Before we knew it, we were sitting on top of North America’s biggest reserve of untapped, boner inducing, boob flavored awesomitude. Now all we had to do was drill.

It wasn’t an easy task; after many long nights of Parish in front of the cool glow of his computer, some unexpected set backs, general incompetence on my part, and launch party that didn’t end with anything being launched, we were finally ready. The site had broken through its cocoon and emerged the worlds most beautiful butterfly, with a great set of tits.

We are ready. To mark’s first birthday we proudly, with swelled hearts and a manly tear in each eye, present to you the new face of infantile, shallow, observational humor.

We are live.

-the Jhall team

ps: thank you so much for a year of support and love

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