JhallComics, now bi-curious

by JHall on November 18th, 2013



So, you know how you love the Jhall? And you know how when you go too many days without the Jhall you start shivering and lava shoots from your butt? Dr. Jhall has a prescription for all you comic junkies and actual junkies alike:



How regular? If it was a yogurt, Jaime Lee Curtis would guzzle it by the gallon. That's right, every Monday and Wednesday you can expect a new Jhall Comic in one of the three current series (Pokemon, Unsorted, and Bloop).


"But what about Thursday to Sunday? What will we do without the sweet Jhall teat to suck from? The internet is pointless without JHALL! I'm about to smother my invalid mother in her sleep!!!" -everyone


Ok, wow, calm down. Even I can't go that long without the proverbial flashing of my comic trenchcoat. So expect to see weekend craziness. Maybe even TRIweekly comics when I'm feeling especially well endowed with creativity, but let's not count our chicks before they are turned to nuggets.


Jhall out

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