Update on how the Jhall do

by JHall on July 8th, 2014

Yo, what's up? Cool cool.

Stuff For You

So as you may remember I have shirts for sale here, which is a place you can buy shirts designed by me for money of which a small part will go towards me and my crippling alcoholism college education Taco Bell habit wallet. There is also RedBubble which has shirts and stickers, postcards, etc.

On The Horizon

Besides a few ads with links to this merch, I haven't been pushing my shirts and other buy-ables yet because I don't have a web store on this site yet. But soon, my Jhallites, soon. Expect a store link in the banner soon which will lead to my merchandise and another super special secret. Shh. Wait, no, not shh, please spread the word.

"How can I, the audience, be a better lover..er, I mean, Jhall reader?"

You know the Jhall doesn't ask for much, just your lifetime loyalty and first born. If you REALLY want to make me blush all you got to do is get others on the Jhall train! See a comic you like? Share it. I don't want to be like those annoying YouTube channels that starts and ends each lame video with "PLZ LIKE AND COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE," so I'll just mention that interactions from YOU are not only the one thing I get out of bed in the morning for but they expand the Jhall empire and inspire me to create better work on a more consistent basis. If a comic really tickles your fancy, share it on Facebook. If a drawing really wiggles your earlobes, favorite it on Twitter. If a post really scratches your hide, thumbs-up that ho. If you want to go above and beyond the Call of Duty: Black Ops, post my shit to relevant forums and websites like Reddit. I may even send you a private message with a shirtless selfie (I won't).

Just like Lady Gaga, I live for the applause.


The End

That's it for now, go look at porn.

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